Chrysos Features in Kalgoorlie Miner News Article

The Kalgoorlie Miner recently featured an article with Chrysos CEO Dirk Treasure discussing the newest PhotonAssay unit which has been installed in Kalgoorlie, the centre of gold mining in Australia. In an exclusive Australian partnership with MinAnalytical, Chrysos’ technology is gaining industry acceptance using automated PhotonAssay technology to analyse gold samples. MinAnalytical is looking to [...]

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PhotonAssay receives NATA accreditation

As recently reported by Australia's Mining Monthly, Chrysos' PhotonAssay technology operating at MinAnalytical Laboratory Services' Perth facility has recently received NATA accreditation. The certification, issued by the National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia, indicates that the system and associated procedures are compliant with ISO/IEC 17025 and are suitable for measuring gold in mineral ores. The accreditation [...]

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Launch of first PhotonAssay unit in Perth

Mr Charlie Day, CEO of the Office of Innovation and Science Australia, officially launched Chrysos' first PhotonAssay unit in Perth. Based on technology originally developed by the CSIRO, PhotonAssay provides rapid, accurate and automated analysis of gold in mineral ores, with the potential for other metals down the track. The launch recognised the successful commissioning [...]

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Chrysos ships first PhotonAssay unit

We are pleased to announce that factory testing and commissioning of our first PhotonAssay unit was successfully completed in early January 2018. Running at full design capacity of 72 samples per hour, the PA1408X system ran through more than 1600 samples, including a large number of certified reference materials and ores from mines around the [...]

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