Advantages of the ChrysosTM PhotonAssay technology

  • Rapid analysis, taking just a few minutes from sample presentation to final result
  • Sensitive and accurate analysis of metal grade in bulk samples of 0.5 kg or more
  • No toxic or caustic reagents required
  • Highly automated, delivering reliable and repeatable results
  • Minimal sample preparation
  • Performance is insensitive to the physical or chemical form of the sample
  • Non-destructive technology allowing retesting and referencing

We are developing three platforms to bring these benefits to our clients: ChrysosTM PhotonAssay Max, ChrysosTM PhotonAssay Mine and ChrysosTM PhotonAssay Mobile.

ChrysosTM PhotonAssay Max

Our launch product, ChrysosTM PhotonAssay Max is designed for maximum throughput in centralised assay laboratories with demanding accuracy and performance requirements. Intended as a direct replacement for conventional fire assay, the fully automated analysis system is capable of handling up to 50-60 thousand gold samples per month.

Ore Samples – typically weighing 400-600 g – are loaded into bar-coded containers, in which they remain throughout the entire measurement process. Loading and analysis is carried out robotically, and digital results can be reported directly to clients or passed to existing laboratory information management systems. All samples are retained unchanged after analysis and are available for further testing if required.

ChrysosTM PhotonAssay Max is scheduled to be available in late 2017.

ChrysosTM PhotonAssay Mine

The compact ChrysosTM PhotonAssay Mine platform is designed for deployment on mining and mineral processing sites. With a throughput of up to 12-14 thousand samples per month, the system has the capacity to meet sample analysis needs of large mines and their processing operations. Multiple parallel systems can be installed for the very largest sites.

The ChrysosTM PhotonAssay Mine system emphasises universal analysis and fast turn-around times. With the ability to deliver accurate results in minutes on a full range of mine and process materials, the system is ideally suited to supporting resource definition and mine planning operations.

Materials that can be assayed include short core sections, drill chips, crushed ore, process slurries and pulps, including carbon pulps, solutions, concentrates and gravity gold. The penetrating nature of the ChrysosTM PhotonAssay technology means that the sample metal content will be accurately reported, independent of its physical or chemical form.

ChrysosTM PhotonAssay Mine is scheduled to be available in mid-2018.

ChrysosTM PhotonAssay Mobile

Designed to support in-the-field analysis for exploration and resource definition operations, the ChrysosTM PhotonAssay Mobile system provides a fully relocatable, truck-mounted analysis laboratory.

Engineered for fully automatic operation, the technology is capable of accepting a wide range of material forms, including core sections, drill-chips and crushed or pulverised samples. Providing a non-destructive, true-bulk analysis in minutes, your geologists can make real-time decisions in the field, without waiting days or weeks for drilling results to be returned.

ChrysosTM PhotonAssay Mobile is expected to become available in 2019.