Following on from the successful commissioning of its second PhotonAssay Max system earlier this year, Chrysos Corporation has now completed commissioning of a third PhotonAssay Max system at the MinAnalytical laboratory in Kalgoorlie.

The Chrysos PhotonAssay solution provides rapid, accurate, safe and non-destructive ore grade analysis, and with the installation of this new system, MinAnalytical’s Kalgoorlie facility now has the security of double-redundancy and the capacity to service customers with fast turnaround on up to 100,000 samples per month.

Arriving in Kalgoorlie in late October, the new PhotonAssay Max was installed by Chrysos and its manufacturing partner, Nuctech, and completed Site-Acceptance-Testing (SAT) in mid-November, with final sign-off occurring earlier this month.

With NATA accreditation of the new system expected in the new year, and a fully-automated sample preparation solution from Scott Automation incorporated by May, MinAnalytical’s Kalgoorlie laboratory represents the cutting edge of gold analysis and reporting.

Enquiries regarding the Chrysos Corporation PhotonAssay solution, or the MinAnalytical Kalgoorlie installation specifically, may be emailed to


PhotonAssay’s fast turnaround on high sample volumes drives opitimisation through the mining value chain.