Chrysos Corporation aims to provide technology to deliver the highest quality, real-time analytical information and services to the global mining industry. Our unique ChrysosTM PhotonAssay technology, developed over the past fifteen years by the CSIRO, provides rapid, accurate, non-destructive and fully automated analysis of ore grade.

Chrysos (in Greek χρυσός meaning gold): our logo is based on the ancient alchemical symbol for gold, two concentric perfect circles. A gold atom signals its presence by emitting a unique signature, cutting the circles to form two “C”s, standing for Chrysos Corporation.

Founded in 2016

Chrysos brings together a team of leading scientists, engineers and experienced industry executives. We are developing technology platforms to provide non-destructive, fast and accurate analysis in the bureau laboratory, at the mine-site and in the field.

Chrysos Corporation is based in Adelaide and is working with national and international partners to support mining and mineral processing operations around the world.

Company mission

Our aim is simple: to provide real-time, accurate and cost-effective grade information without laborious, time-consuming and error-prone sample preparation or complex chemical treatment. Timely information supports rapid decision making, improving efficiency, recovery and profitability.

Why we’re different

Stepping around centuries-old chemistry-based assay methods, we provide true ‘atom-counting’ analysis that reports grade irrespective of the physical or chemical form of the material being measured.