BA Hons (Physics), D.Phil. (Particle Physics) (Oxford)

Dr Tickner is the lead inventor of the PhotonAssay™ technology and a co-founder of Chrysos. He holds a BA in Physics and a D.Phil in Particle Physics, both from Oxford University, UK. He completed his studies in 1997 and moved to Australia the following year.

He spent 18 years with the Commonwealth Industrial Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). As team leader, he supervised the research efforts of scientists, students and engineers developing novel X-ray and nuclear technologies to solve challenging measurement and imaging problems for the minerals and security industries.

Dr Tickner has a wide range of nuclear expertise, including advanced radiation transport theory, computer modelling, a strong experimental background, and familiarity with custom-designed readout electronics, digital data processing and software design.

He played a key role in building links with industry, and successfully oversaw the development, installation and operation of numerous technologies for industrial clients.

Key achievements include the development and commercialisation of the CSIRO Air Cargo Scanner, the invention and implementation of new X-ray fluorescence and diffraction systems for trace element and mineral analysis, and development of the Chrysos PhotonAssay® technology.

Dr Tickner is a keen advocate for bringing together researchers from different disciplines, countries and particularly from industry and academia, and to this end helped found the Global Young Academy, the Australian Early-Mid Career Researchers Forum and the Australian Science and Innovation Forum. He continues to recruit and supervise the next generation of research students and postdoctoral fellows.

He has received numerous awards for his work including two CSIRO medals, the Australian Academy of Science Frederick White prize, the Eureka Prize for Science in Support of Defence or National Security and an ADC Leadership Award.