ChrysosTM PhotonAssay targets companies working across the minerals value chain.

Assay providers

ChrysosTM PhotonAssay provides a highly cost-effective alternative to conventional chemical assay, especially fire assay. With a throughput of at least 50,000 samples per month, ChrysosTM PhotonAssay Max is a work-horse for high volume labs, delivering cost savings along with a safer working environment. Customers will appreciate the rapid turn-around and high accuracy and repeatability that arise from direct analysis of 500 g samples.

Mineral processors

Designed for rapid on-site deployment and low-maintenance operation, ChrysosTM PhotonAssay Mine provides real-time grade information to support mine planning and process monitoring. Fully automated analysis reduces staffing requirements, and the chemistry-free technology eliminates hazards associated with toxic reagents.

Exploration drilling

ChrysosTM PhotonAssay Mobile provides accurate grade information in bulk samples irrespective of their physical form, meaning that a core section or drill-chip sample can be easily measured. ChrysosTM PhotonAssay Mobile will provide the ability to measure gold and other elements in the field – no more waiting days or weeks for laboratory results to be returned.


ChrysosTM PhotonAssay’s first installation is operating in MinAnalytical Laboratory Services’ Perth facility, providing gold, silver and moisture analysis services. Copper assay will be available in late 2020, with additional commodities to be added later. A second unit will be commissioned in Q3 2019, providing a fast-turnaround service in Kalgoorlie for operations in the gold-fields region. Please contact us if you are interested in using either of these services.


ChrysosTM PhotonAssay is uniquely sensitive for gold, providing accurate analysis for concentrations ranging from percent levels to below 0.1 g/tonne (0.1 parts-per-million). Traditionally hard-to-measure materials such refractory ores, carbon-pulps and copper concentrates can be easily assayed. Solutions and slurries can be directly measured, with the total gold content reported.


ChrysosTM PhotonAssay has excellent sensitivity for silver over the full range of commercially relevant concentrations. Polymetallic ores can be easily accommodated, with the grade of each metal reported separately. Silver and gold can be assayed simultaneously in the same sample.


Unlike conventional chemical assay methods for copper, ChrysosTM PhotonAssay quickly and accurately reports total copper content independently of the physical or mineralogical form. With sensitivity over the full range of commercially important concentrations, ChrysosTM PhotonAssay can be used across the mining and processing value chain.

Other metals

We will continue to expand the suite of commodities that can be measured using ChrysosTM PhotonAssay. More than half of all naturally occurring elements are sensitive to the technique. Please contact us with enquiries about the application of ChrysosTM PhotonAssay to specific elements or commodities.