What is PhotonAssay?

Delivering faster, safer, and more accurate gold analysis, Chrysos PhotonAssay is an environmentally-friendly replacement for fire assay on-site and in the laboratory.

How does it work?

Hitting samples with high-energy X-rays, Chrysos PhotonAssay™ technology causes excitation of atomic nuclei allowing enhanced analysis of gold, silver, copper and other elements in as little as two minutes.

PhotonAssay delivers exceptional customer value

Quantitative results
in as little as 2 minutes

Better social and
environmental outcomes

Reduced labour
and operating costs

Enhanced accuracy
and precision

Improved occupational
health and safety

Chrysos PhotonAssay™ in Action

See the simplicity and efficiency of a PhotonAssay unit in operation.

The Physics of Chrysos PhotonAssay™

Understand the science driving PhotonAssay’s success across the industry.

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Every sample analysed with PhotonAssay means reduced CO2 emissions and less hazardous waste.

Chrysos PhotonAssay™

Reduced CO2

Hazardous waste

Chrysos PhotonAssay™ around the world


What our clients say...

Simple sample preparation, fast turnaround times for high-quality results and improved outcomes related to health, environment and the community.

Wess Edgar, Chief Geologist for Kirkland Land Gold in Australia

PhotonAssay provides a significant advantage where large assay charge sizes are required, particularly in coarse gold mineralisation.

Dr Simon Dominy, Principal Advisor, Novo Resources Corporation

PhotonAssay's simple process reduces waste, involves fewer people, requires less technical training and reduces the likelihood of error

Stuart Thompson, CEO, MSALABS

This award-winning technology is capable of rapidly and accurately scanning up to 500g of material at a time, an important capability when dealing with coarse gold systems.

Novo Resources Corporation, Operational Update October 2020

PhotonAssay yields efficiencies around simple sample preparation and fast turn-around times. Additionally, as a non-destructive methodology, it allows samples to be used for other post-assay analyses such as environmental or metallurgical testing.

Dr Simon Dominy, Principal Advisor, Novo Resources Corporation

Check-assays using the larger PhotonAssay method identified the existence of coarse gold, highlighting the need for larger assay sample sizes to be representative.

Chris Cairns, Executive Chairman, Stavely Minerals

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