Chrysos Corporation’s PhotonAssay solution provides rapid, accurate, safe and non-destructive ore grade analysis across the global mining industry.  PhotonAssay’s fast turnaround on high sample volumes delivers critical operational information and drives process optimisation through the entire mining value chain.

PhotonAssay provides a unique, chemistry-free approach to material analysis. It hits samples with high-energy X-rays, causing short-lived excitation of atomic nuclei of targeted elements. These excited nuclei then give off a characteristic signature that can be detected and used to calculate metal grade.

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The PhotonAssay Advantage

  • Rapid analysis, taking just a few minutes from sample presentation to final result
  • Sensitive and accurate analysis of metal grade in bulk samples of 0.5 kg or more
  • No toxic or caustic reagents required
  • Highly automated, delivering reliable and repeatable results
  • Minimal sample preparation
  • Performance is insensitive to the physical or chemical form of the sample
  • Non-destructive technology allowing retesting and referencing

Sectors We Serve

With unique sensitivity for gold, ChrysosTM PhotonAssay is suitable for use across the value chain, including exploration, resource definition, mine planning and process monitoring. With sample sizes at least 10-20 times those used for fire-assay, analysis of heterogeneous ores is greatly simplified. A gold analysis service will is now available using Chrysos’ first operating unit in Perth, Western Australia.

Silver can be measured and reported simultaneously with gold using a single sample if required. With silver measureable from low g/tonne to percent levels, ChrysosTM PhotonAssay can replace conventional silver assay techniques in most applications. A silver analysis service is scheduled for early 2019.

ChrysosTM PhotonAssay provides chemistry-free copper analysis, reporting total metal grade independent of the physical or mineralogical form in which the copper is present. A copper analysis service is scheduled for early 2019.

With potential applicability to more than half the elements in the periodic table, ChrysosTM PhotonAssay can be used to measure a wide range of commodity, pathfinder and penalty elements. Please contact us if you have specific analysis requirements.

PhotonAssay across the minerals value chain

By providing near-instant analysis of bulk mineral samples with minimal preparation, ChrysosTM PhotonAssay can deliver value from exploration through to processing.

  • Exploration and resource definition: fast analysis in the field on drill-chip or core samples using ChrysosTM PhotonAssay. No need to wait days or weeks for laboratory results.

  • Mine planning: accurate grade information delivered in minutes improves efficiency of mining operations.

  • Processing: analyse solutions, pulps, slurries or dry material with ease. Real-time grade results can be used for process monitoring, metal-balance, control and optimisation.

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